Conversations with Hubby.. The beginning of the Real Estate journey.

It is the story of a very complex situation….

You get married, you start your life together and everything will fall into place… little by little I most add.

The Situation was complicated between hubby and me, we had kids already and the “your share is 50% and my share is 50%” was a no brainier, off course we are in USA and man and women work the same way to support their families.

Along with the kids came the ex-life and the ex-baggage and so forth, and to make the story short we had nothing, just a job, a new life and very little to spend. Not to mention that rent payments were a nightmare, 16 years ago a normal 2 bedroom apartment will cost a fortune in a decent zip code.

Babe: Are we ever buying a house? no, my love, no house, we are just fine…

……and the killer rent was always present sucking all we had with nothing in return.

Thinking of that conversation with my hubby, a question with no future, somehow never left my mind.

After not very lucrative jobs for almost 5 years, in 2004 I found a job at a real estate office, where I pretty much learned how to be the broker, the agent, loan officer, appraiser among other duties related to this phenomenal business, I fall in love ever since.

Seeing how I could make dreams come true and finding the perfect home for the perfect family I became obsessed with… once again the same conversation or I most say a one-way conversation!

Babe: Are we ever buying a house? no, my love, no house, we are just fine…

Isn’t this what every family dreams of, having their own house, make improvements and have something on their own?

Yes, it is, if you can afford to make a down payment and find yourself paying huge amount of money you don’t have: hubby replies.

How many people find themselves in the same situation? How many would not even try because of that?

Do they even know they have options, that finding the right people, will make a big impact in a decision that can change your life forever?

My life changed and yours can change as well…

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