Slowly but Surely

Along the way, you meet people that instead of, adding to your life, they just make it a bit complicated I must say, But, just when you feel hopeless and frustrated, that person the one you always hope to meet… shows you the way.

I can’t even remember how we met this guys, but for sure he is one of the honest and transparent business driven guy I’ve ever met, let’s call him our “premier help” (because I will mention him in several occasions here and everywhere) but I can assure you that, this man changed our lives…. Not only for facilitating everything, but for his most wanted short of speak “qualities” his love and passion for what he does.

Having said that, all our struggles paying rent year after year, finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, when the Obama administration approved the federal first-time home buyer tax credit to help with the financial crisis in 2008. It was as if, the universe was waiting for the right moment to grant us what we where wishing for, silently, I never lost hope (even though hubby was in denial). So, we purchased our first home.

Small house, full of potential “that is what hubby said” I was happy with the location and grateful to have a place to call home. About the potential of the house, hum, I was not exactly sure, I must say, carpet everywhere “in Florida” really, colorful walls and to top it all, all appliances were taken by the previous owner stating that the realtor and her had made an arrangement. It was a punch in our faces, for starters.

Ignorance is bliss, but when pursuing life goals we require a certain level of experience and thus, a certain level of time and knowledge, in our case we had NONE, that is why, our desire, desperation and lack of knowledge did not played good in our favor. oh well… Karma is a b.. and the same way tax credit came to us knocking in our door, appliances, paint and new floors were installed little by little, all full of love and sacrifice.

That is how we had the opportunity to own our first home, the house that opened up a lot of possibilities and dreams thereafter…

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