Our House Project

With very little money to start fixing our first house, we came across an unlimited number of small issues to be solved, the things that are very important and can’t wait and those that although they are not necessary are in the category of “we have to do them as soon as possible” but before this we need to get the money. In our favor Hubby is the best of all when we talk about creating, building, fixing and inventing if he needs to; everything you want to change in a house he can do and this is priceless.
The house was small without much to say, normal like any other house but it had enormous potential and so we began our project.
We knocked down walls, night after night, with the little I could help him, we took bags of debris, tons of them.
we bought our beautiful kitchen at IKEA it was around 400 small pieces that almost filled the living room and the dining room “a project to do it yourself, if you manage not to freak out” the carpet was a big challenge we found, but it was imperative that this thing had to go, we manage to live with cement floors for a while, as we figured out how to buy something that fit the budget, but it was achieved. Long and exhausting process but the purchase that had everything in it to be a fiasco in September 2009 had become a gold mine by the end of 2011.
Funny enough the economy against us due to the housing bubble starting in 2006-2007 and drastically getting worse by 2012, was in our favor, this little house that we struggled so hard to get and cost us much work puts us in a good state at the end of 2011 given us more than 100k earnings with an investment in improvements of about 30k was now the opportunity to look for something better, a little bigger maybe with the pool that hubby so desperate desired. the property was put for sale the 25th and by the 29th was already sold, it was love at first sight, the new owners wanted to buy the house and move in immediately so we packed all our stuff we put them in a POD storage; left us looking for a place to rent while we searched for our new house ..
We spent 4 long months in our rental apartment we waited a little longer than expected but it was worth it, well at first I didn’t see it this way and after living in the dust and construction for several months what I wanted was the house of ” “My dreams” a new place, clean and ready to live…. But again, my vision was a little optimistic as well as elusive because in the neighborhood I wanted to live with the conditions I wanted to have based on our income and everything that involves buying a house with those features was too difficult. Among so many houses that we saw without much luck we arrived at a house with pool such as the one “hubby” had wanted, this time the house had appliances and nothing was to be missing at the time of the closing, it had only a small detail the house was unlivable, occupied by a couple of dogs abandoned at the mercy of their owner who lived alone with them for several years without any maintenance; the pool was already overrun with toads and their particular green color made me vomit just thinking about living there. Trust me, hubby said “it has potential” “you have to be objective” but I couldn’t see it and it was completely closed to all kinds of possibilities to live there and of course…. we would have to keep living in a rental for a few more months because there was no possible way to live there… but, at the need to give up and let hubby handle things and I accepted to get the house with the pool something close to the movie “lake Noir”. once again, the new house, clean, picture-perfect was slipping out of my hands…. and after 6 long months, we were able to move in… Unlike our first purchase, we had money to make the necessary arrangements, the house had to be renovated from head to toe but it was wonderful to be able to enjoy it and have the satisfaction that our house with a pool came into our lives…

Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. (Joyce Meyer

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