Have you heard about Markham Park?

A magical place called Markham Park located in Broward west of 595, north of Western Road toward sunrise Boulevard.

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This is beautiful place is a huge park and one of its kind this park has many things to do with your friends and family. Markham park opens every day from sunset to sunrise; on weekends there’s a small fee that you must pay it’s one dollar and fifty cents per person, kids under five they don’t pay anything.

Once you access the park you won’t believe all these amazing things you can do:

There is a dog park called BARKHAM PARK you’ll be amazed there’s one for little dogs and the other one for big dogs, your furry friends will have a blast, it is extremely clean and well maintained;

Markham park offers 88 full hookup campsites that you can use all year long, easy to book, easy to reserve.

50-acre flying space with 755 paved runway for you to play with your little aircrafts, this is a great way to spend your weekend, Saturdays and Sundays the experts take their little aircrafts in there so you watch them fly and play, you can go with the kids, as they ride their bikes can just sit in there and a have a little picnic.

Markham park is also home to an outdoor rifle and pistol range, fishing, boating and a huge Lake designated for jet ski and personal watercraft. This is a large lake with plenty of space for multiple riders. Bring your jet ski and have a blast! plenty of parking space to park your car with easy access to load and unload your watercrafts.

Pit areas with tables and restrooms that you can use; you take your food, bring your charcoal and you’re ready to go.

Full Fox Observatory, every Saturday night from 10:00 to midnight people gather in there to watch the Stars, the moon, the planets… it is magical “you have to go and try” the kids have an amazing time, there’s people with telescopes to show and guide the kids on how to watch the stars, the moon, they explain what’s going on up there and they let you see Saturn, the planets and all its wonders.

The best thing to do and more common attraction is the mountain bike trails they vary in difficulty but you will never run out of fun or a challenge, helmets are required and is about five dollars to use the trails; the link is below for you to find out how and when you can use them.  

Here is a list all the many things Markham park has to offer:

Rifle & Pistol Range / Skeet and Trap Shooting

Barkham Park Dog Park

RC Airfield

Mountain Bike Trails

Memorial Fitness Zone

Boat Launch Watercraft

Campgrounds and Picnic Areas

Fox Observatory

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