Do you need a Real Estate Agent?

Buying and selling real estate is something that we all feel we can do on our own. Whether you are in the market for your very first house or you’re planning to leave your present one or looking for property for new business venture you may be pondering whether or not it is important to have a real estate agent. If you have no real idea about buying and selling of property, it is best left to the professional. Here are some reasons why you need a real estate agent.

Creating real value in property and places.

When it comes to buying and selling property if you have no experience or education in it always leave it to the professional. Sometimes we think that we can do it ourselves, but the truth is we will make mistakes and it could cost us a lot of money. It is better to trust someone who has the experience and education in this market than to go it alone. Real estate agents are has extensive knowledge about the real estate market after undergoing several real estate courses such as the pre-license 63-hour course and the post-license 45-hour course.

Pre-license 63-hour course and the post-license 45-hour course followed by the State exam.

Real estate agents have access to more information and search tools than the average person. Real estate professionals have some of the best professional networking skills around. They are in constant contact with others who may be looking for property or wanting to sell something. Individuals just do not have that kind of time to do the research or seek out all of these people. Networking is something that is needed in this market and these skills should not be taken for granted. Another big perk that you receive through them is the fact that they are privy to various websites that offer them quick, reliable information. They can post their house listings on websites that are only accessed by agents and potential buyers. These websites will not only be viewed by potential buyers, but will also be looked at by other agents. Many of the companies also offer professional photographs that you can look on in order to decide which property would be best for you.

Multiple Listing Services

When a state licensed real estate agent comes into picture, then the purchase contract will be made standard keeping in mind the seller’s and buyer’s side. A real estate agent has comprehensive understanding on how to handle a variety of documents such as legal documents. Paperwork by the volumes is part of the job description of this professional. If anyone tells you they do not have to go through a lot of paperwork they would be lying. Volumes of papers must be gone through to make sure everything is perfect before a contract can be executed. This is a part of their job that is very time consuming. Many people cannot handle this and that is why they hire a professional to take care of it. They will be apprised on all the terminology related to the documents and could help you through the process by explaining step-by-step, what needs to take place in order to have successfully completed your purchase. They can also offer you their knowledge of any guidelines that may be attached to the area where you are considering settling in.

Nnegotiation skills and confidentiality

Most agents have great negotiation skills and confidentiality. This is something many people do not possess. A real estate agent is always well-equipped with information regarding the homes and buildings and the surrounding area. They are also very well-versed in what prices are available for the properties you are planning to purchase. Realtors are great at revealing the market conditions, which will guide your buying or selling decision. Among the data that will have a large influence on what you will decide to do includes median and average sale price, average per square foot cost of comparable homes, ratios of list-to-sold prices and average days on market.

These professionals can take any attachment out of the situation and get the best possible deals for you. Most individuals who may give this a try might not be able to remove that emotional attachment. It is in their best interest to ensure that both the buyer and the seller are getting what they need therefore, they will do their best to negotiate a price that works for you. Allowing them to do this will offer you the opportunity to understand the thoughts of the seller without having to be directly involved thus eliminating some of the stress that may be associated with such a purchase. If you would like to learn more about buying and selling your property through a real estate agent, contact me, I am here to help you understand your needs.


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Our House Project

With very little money to start fixing our first house, we came across an unlimited number of small issues to be solved, the things that are very important and can’t wait and those that although they are not necessary are in the category of “we have to do them as soon as possible” but before this we need to get the money. In our favor Hubby is the best of all when we talk about creating, building, fixing and inventing if he needs to; everything you want to change in a house he can do and this is priceless.
The house was small without much to say, normal like any other house but it had enormous potential and so we began our project.
We knocked down walls, night after night, with the little I could help him, we took bags of debris, tons of them.
we bought our beautiful kitchen at IKEA it was around 400 small pieces that almost filled the living room and the dining room “a project to do it yourself, if you manage not to freak out” the carpet was a big challenge we found, but it was imperative that this thing had to go, we manage to live with cement floors for a while, as we figured out how to buy something that fit the budget, but it was achieved. Long and exhausting process but the purchase that had everything in it to be a fiasco in September 2009 had become a gold mine by the end of 2011.
Funny enough the economy against us due to the housing bubble starting in 2006-2007 and drastically getting worse by 2012, was in our favor, this little house that we struggled so hard to get and cost us much work puts us in a good state at the end of 2011 given us more than 100k earnings with an investment in improvements of about 30k was now the opportunity to look for something better, a little bigger maybe with the pool that hubby so desperate desired. the property was put for sale the 25th and by the 29th was already sold, it was love at first sight, the new owners wanted to buy the house and move in immediately so we packed all our stuff we put them in a POD storage; left us looking for a place to rent while we searched for our new house ..
We spent 4 long months in our rental apartment we waited a little longer than expected but it was worth it, well at first I didn’t see it this way and after living in the dust and construction for several months what I wanted was the house of ” “My dreams” a new place, clean and ready to live…. But again, my vision was a little optimistic as well as elusive because in the neighborhood I wanted to live with the conditions I wanted to have based on our income and everything that involves buying a house with those features was too difficult. Among so many houses that we saw without much luck we arrived at a house with pool such as the one “hubby” had wanted, this time the house had appliances and nothing was to be missing at the time of the closing, it had only a small detail the house was unlivable, occupied by a couple of dogs abandoned at the mercy of their owner who lived alone with them for several years without any maintenance; the pool was already overrun with toads and their particular green color made me vomit just thinking about living there. Trust me, hubby said “it has potential” “you have to be objective” but I couldn’t see it and it was completely closed to all kinds of possibilities to live there and of course…. we would have to keep living in a rental for a few more months because there was no possible way to live there… but, at the need to give up and let hubby handle things and I accepted to get the house with the pool something close to the movie “lake Noir”. once again, the new house, clean, picture-perfect was slipping out of my hands…. and after 6 long months, we were able to move in… Unlike our first purchase, we had money to make the necessary arrangements, the house had to be renovated from head to toe but it was wonderful to be able to enjoy it and have the satisfaction that our house with a pool came into our lives…

Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. (Joyce Meyer


Slowly but Surely

Along the way, you meet people that instead of, adding to your life, they just make it a bit complicated I must say, But, just when you feel hopeless and frustrated, that person the one you always hope to meet… shows you the way.

I can’t even remember how we met this guys, but for sure he is one of the honest and transparent business driven guy I’ve ever met, let’s call him our “premier help” (because I will mention him in several occasions here and everywhere) but I can assure you that, this man changed our lives…. Not only for facilitating everything, but for his most wanted short of speak “qualities” his love and passion for what he does.

Having said that, all our struggles paying rent year after year, finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, when the Obama administration approved the federal first-time home buyer tax credit to help with the financial crisis in 2008. It was as if, the universe was waiting for the right moment to grant us what we where wishing for, silently, I never lost hope (even though hubby was in denial). So, we purchased our first home.

Small house, full of potential “that is what hubby said” I was happy with the location and grateful to have a place to call home. About the potential of the house, hum, I was not exactly sure, I must say, carpet everywhere “in Florida” really, colorful walls and to top it all, all appliances were taken by the previous owner stating that the realtor and her had made an arrangement. It was a punch in our faces, for starters.

Ignorance is bliss, but when pursuing life goals we require a certain level of experience and thus, a certain level of time and knowledge, in our case we had NONE, that is why, our desire, desperation and lack of knowledge did not played good in our favor. oh well… Karma is a b.. and the same way tax credit came to us knocking in our door, appliances, paint and new floors were installed little by little, all full of love and sacrifice.

That is how we had the opportunity to own our first home, the house that opened up a lot of possibilities and dreams thereafter…


Conversations with Hubby.. The beginning of the Real Estate journey.

It is the story of a very complex situation….

You get married, you start your life together and everything will fall into place… little by little I most add.

The Situation was complicated between hubby and me, we had kids already and the “your share is 50% and my share is 50%” was a no brainier, off course we are in USA and man and women work the same way to support their families.

Along with the kids came the ex-life and the ex-baggage and so forth, and to make the story short we had nothing, just a job, a new life and very little to spend. Not to mention that rent payments were a nightmare, 16 years ago a normal 2 bedroom apartment will cost a fortune in a decent zip code.

Babe: Are we ever buying a house? no, my love, no house, we are just fine…

……and the killer rent was always present sucking all we had with nothing in return.

Thinking of that conversation with my hubby, a question with no future, somehow never left my mind.

After not very lucrative jobs for almost 5 years, in 2004 I found a job at a real estate office, where I pretty much learned how to be the broker, the agent, loan officer, appraiser among other duties related to this phenomenal business, I fall in love ever since.

Seeing how I could make dreams come true and finding the perfect home for the perfect family I became obsessed with… once again the same conversation or I most say a one-way conversation!

Babe: Are we ever buying a house? no, my love, no house, we are just fine…

Isn’t this what every family dreams of, having their own house, make improvements and have something on their own?

Yes, it is, if you can afford to make a down payment and find yourself paying huge amount of money you don’t have: hubby replies.

How many people find themselves in the same situation? How many would not even try because of that?

Do they even know they have options, that finding the right people, will make a big impact in a decision that can change your life forever?

My life changed and yours can change as well…