Living in Weston Florida What I LOVE and what I HATE

Weston, Florida is a wonderful place to live! There are lots to do, and so much more. But no place is perfect so here’s what I love and what I’m not so crazy about.

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So I love the fact that so many people are interested in moving to my little piece of paradise in the suburbs

Well, today I’m gonna talk about five reasons I love living here… and five things I’m not so excited about.

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Let’s start with the bad ones first.

Number One

Not enough adult entertainment around, meaning bars, nightclubs places to gather with your friends and have a drink and dance maybe 🙂 but of course, we have fort Lauderdale, sawgrass… it is just a bit of a drive, but it comes to have fun who cares.

Number Two

The heat. There’s no way to avoid this issue. June, July, and August are insanely hot, it’s just how it is. Luckily there’s this beautiful invention called air conditioning! So everyone spends the time in their air-conditioned house, they get in their air-conditioned car, they go to their air-conditioned office, and the minute they get home from work they need to go to the pool or the beach. So if it’s only for three months of the year and it’s ok no biggy.

Number Three

It is very humid. even tough Weston its a bit better when we talk about humidity; yes it is a pin in the kneck, not only during summer but pretty much all the time we all go outside looking like a million bucks and out of the certain the hair goes PU! and there you go you may look pretty much like Tina Turner, but again… we are very familiar with the terms ponytails, buns and many other hairstyles that help with the problem.

Number Four

The Mosquitos and the little friendly creatures that the everglades bring, sometimes they welcome themselves to visit but we are in tropical weather and of course, we get some pretty scary-looking bugs here. They’re not fun. but when you live in Weston the city has a top-notch way of being in the top of this issue.

I have the mosquito control prevention webpage down below for more information, schedule times for spray areas and so forth.


if you are very particular about not having any of this little things around there is always the option to have a pest control service and we have somebody come once every three months, spray the outside of the house, and that does the trick if you want to go the extra mile.

Number Five

The need for flood insurance. We live in a hurricane-prone area. Not a lot, it’s not like living in New Orleans or the Gulf Coast of Florida, … we do get some hurricanes. We’ve only had a couple in the last 20 years but when they come you know you are protected… So anybody who lives close to a body of water may need to have additional flood insurance on their home. If you’re going to be moving to Weston and you’re buying a house or you’re even renting a house, I’m gonna link this down below.

You put in the street address of the house that you are considering and it will tell you which flood zone it is in


Just something to keep in mind if you’re gonna be buying a house and it’s in a flood zone. That’s going to be added on to the cost of your monthly mortgage payments so you kind of has to adjust your budget accordingly.

So now let’s move on to the five things that I love about living in Weston

Number One

Has to be the landscape. I love walking even driving around Weston. The landscape and architecture of the city it is to die for, the city has a lot of charm, I love to walk around in the morning and find so many people exercising enjoying the amazing blue skies and the views of this well-put town … it’s gorgeous.

Number Two

Weston is a very family-oriented town, THE SCHOOLS, the kids running around, riding a bike, playing outside like my good old days, Weston has been awarded as one of the safeties cities in Florida, the city has a lot to offer, parks, recreation, outdoor activities you name it.

There are festivals all the time, … it’s just a really cool place to go and hang out whether you’re just coming down for dinner or spending the day on Saturday or Sunday having bbq at the park.

Number Three

The Location! The beach is less 40 minutes away from here, we have the best of both worlds, the beach if you like or the suburbs the parks nature the everglades. I love the beach. It’s really easy to just say, “Hey let’s go to the beach for the day,” hit the road, go over to Las Olas, spend

the day either soaking up the sun, playing volleyball, leave everything on the sand, and hit one of the restaurants to go get some lunch or go in all the little tourist shops.

Number Four

Multicultural gastronomy that we have around here we have amazing Peruvian food, sushi, Italian, American l!!! So we’ve got a million restaurants around that have killer food to try something different every single time.

Number Five

The TRAFFIC it is so much different than what we have around, Miami, Fort Lauderdale.. it is impossible to move around in a reasonable amount of time… if you need to go to Miami in rush time it can take you up to 2 hours easily.


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So now you know all the reasons that I love Weston, Florida and a few things that are not perfect about Weston, Florida but come on – every place has its pros and cons.

Are you thinking of moving to Weston, Florida? You just let me know if there’s anything that I can assist you


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Top 10 Gated communities (Weston, Florida)

Weston, Fl. has around 30 gated communities.

Population is around 70,000 people so it makes it the 41st biggest city in Florida.

Communities, Price Range and availability now

The islands

$500,000 to a $1 million dollars

7 properties available

14 Sold in the past 6 months

The landings

$800,000 to $1.2 million Dollars

2 properties available

3 Sold in the past 6 months

Emerald Estates

$350,000 to $700,000

7 properties available

18 Sold in the past 6 months

The Lakes

450,000 to $900,000

4 properties available

17 Sold in the past 6 months

The Meadows

$400,000 to $800,000

9 properties available

14 Sold in the past 6 months

The Ridges

$350,000 to $800,000

21 properties available

45 Sold in the past 6 months

Windmill Reserve

$900,000 to $13 million dollars

10 properties available

1 Sold in the past 6 months

Weston Hills

$450,000 to $1 million dollars

64 properties available

52 Sold in the past 6 months

Isles at Weston

$450,000 to $2 million dollars

18 properties available

18 Sold in the past 6 months


$450,000 to $2 million dollars

18 properties available

18 Sold in the past 6 months

The median rent is $1,900 and a median house has 4-5 bedrooms and the value is $450,000. 75% of the population is married (cool fact)


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Have you heard about Markham Park?

A magical place called Markham Park located in Broward west of 595, north of Western Road toward sunrise Boulevard.

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This is beautiful place is a huge park and one of its kind this park has many things to do with your friends and family. Markham park opens every day from sunset to sunrise; on weekends there’s a small fee that you must pay it’s one dollar and fifty cents per person, kids under five they don’t pay anything.

Once you access the park you won’t believe all these amazing things you can do:

There is a dog park called BARKHAM PARK you’ll be amazed there’s one for little dogs and the other one for big dogs, your furry friends will have a blast, it is extremely clean and well maintained;

Markham park offers 88 full hookup campsites that you can use all year long, easy to book, easy to reserve.

50-acre flying space with 755 paved runway for you to play with your little aircrafts, this is a great way to spend your weekend, Saturdays and Sundays the experts take their little aircrafts in there so you watch them fly and play, you can go with the kids, as they ride their bikes can just sit in there and a have a little picnic.

Markham park is also home to an outdoor rifle and pistol range, fishing, boating and a huge Lake designated for jet ski and personal watercraft. This is a large lake with plenty of space for multiple riders. Bring your jet ski and have a blast! plenty of parking space to park your car with easy access to load and unload your watercrafts.

Pit areas with tables and restrooms that you can use; you take your food, bring your charcoal and you’re ready to go.

Full Fox Observatory, every Saturday night from 10:00 to midnight people gather in there to watch the Stars, the moon, the planets… it is magical “you have to go and try” the kids have an amazing time, there’s people with telescopes to show and guide the kids on how to watch the stars, the moon, they explain what’s going on up there and they let you see Saturn, the planets and all its wonders.

The best thing to do and more common attraction is the mountain bike trails they vary in difficulty but you will never run out of fun or a challenge, helmets are required and is about five dollars to use the trails; the link is below for you to find out how and when you can use them.  

Here is a list all the many things Markham park has to offer:

Rifle & Pistol Range / Skeet and Trap Shooting

Barkham Park Dog Park

RC Airfield

Mountain Bike Trails

Memorial Fitness Zone

Boat Launch Watercraft

Campgrounds and Picnic Areas

Fox Observatory

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Moving to Weston, Florida

Reason number one – Weston has the most amazing SUNSETS

Number two – there are plenty of jobs available here.

I have a link below for the Weston chamber of commerce were you can search for local jobs available


The Weston Chamber of Commerce has listed all of the major employers in the area on their website as you can see.

Number three – Weston is very friendly family town

Number four – Everglades are a hidden treasure Full of happy and friendly creatures

Here are some of the closets sites to have your everglades tour

Number five – The weather is awesome!

The average temperature in Florida is really high off course but half of our city is surrounded by everglades…therefore it is some degrees lower than the rest of South Florida

Number six – Safest place to live

Weston is the third-safest city in the entire country, according to a report from security system review site SafeHome.com.

“As with most other cities that rank as the safest in their state, Weston has a high median income of $93,553 per household,” it said.


Number seven – we have some awesome killer parks

Number eight – The school system is one of the top

The City of Weston has quality Broward County Public Schools that … that achieve an “A” grade annually in the Florida School Grades assessment by the

” The City of Weston is consistently lauded for the quality education available in our community. The pubic schools that serve Weston consistently achieve high performance ratings in the annual State of Florida Standards Assessment. Private schools round out additional options for education from preschool through 12th grade.  “


Number nine – The beautiful landscape of weston

Weston is a master planned suburban community in Broward County, Florida, United States. … (develope by arvida known for developing Walt Disney World)

And the last but certainly not least – centrally Located to the most attractive tourist destinations

Well there you go! Those are our 10 reasons Why you should definitely consider moving to Weston, Florida.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.