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Top 10 Gated communities (Weston, Florida)

Weston, Fl. has around 30 gated communities.

Population is around 70,000 people so it makes it the 41st biggest city in Florida.

Communities, Price Range and availability now

The islands

$500,000 to a $1 million dollars

7 properties available

14 Sold in the past 6 months

The landings

$800,000 to $1.2 million Dollars

2 properties available

3 Sold in the past 6 months

Emerald Estates

$350,000 to $700,000

7 properties available

18 Sold in the past 6 months

The Lakes

450,000 to $900,000

4 properties available

17 Sold in the past 6 months

The Meadows

$400,000 to $800,000

9 properties available

14 Sold in the past 6 months

The Ridges

$350,000 to $800,000

21 properties available

45 Sold in the past 6 months

Windmill Reserve

$900,000 to $13 million dollars

10 properties available

1 Sold in the past 6 months

Weston Hills

$450,000 to $1 million dollars

64 properties available

52 Sold in the past 6 months

Isles at Weston

$450,000 to $2 million dollars

18 properties available

18 Sold in the past 6 months


$450,000 to $2 million dollars

18 properties available

18 Sold in the past 6 months

The median rent is $1,900 and a median house has 4-5 bedrooms and the value is $450,000. 75% of the population is married (cool fact)







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Moving to Weston, Florida

Reason number one – Weston has the most amazing SUNSETS

Number two – there are plenty of jobs available here.

I have a link below for the Weston chamber of commerce were you can search for local jobs available

The Weston Chamber of Commerce has listed all of the major employers in the area on their website as you can see.

Number three – Weston is very friendly family town

Number four – Everglades are a hidden treasure Full of happy and friendly creatures

Here are some of the closets sites to have your everglades tour

Number five – The weather is awesome!

The average temperature in Florida is really high off course but half of our city is surrounded by everglades…therefore it is some degrees lower than the rest of South Florida

Number six – Safest place to live

Weston is the third-safest city in the entire country, according to a report from security system review site

‚ÄúAs with most other¬†cities¬†that rank as the¬†safest¬†in their state,¬†Weston¬†has a high median income of $93,553 per household,‚ÄĚ it said.

Number seven – we have some awesome killer parks

Number eight – The school system is one of the top

The City of¬†Weston¬†has quality Broward County Public¬†Schools¬†that … that achieve¬†an¬†‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ grade annually in the¬†Florida School¬†Grades assessment by the

” The City of Weston is consistently lauded for the quality education available in our community. The pubic schools that serve Weston consistently achieve high performance ratings in the annual State of Florida Standards Assessment. Private schools round out additional options for education from preschool through 12th grade.¬† “

Number nine – The beautiful landscape of weston

Weston¬†is a master planned suburban community in Broward County,¬†Florida, United States. … (develope by arvida known for developing Walt¬†Disney¬†World)

And the last but certainly not least – centrally Located to the most attractive tourist destinations

Well there you go! Those are our 10 reasons Why you should definitely consider moving to Weston, Florida.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.